At many airports, our private boarding lounges eliminate lines and simplify customs. MOTTION's clients enjoy exclusive access to secure, private points of departure. Exit your vehicle and board in minutes, or enjoy a beverage or snack while your fellow travellers arrive.

Acting as an agent is this sector, our mission is to provide flexible and innovating solutions in an opportune timeframe and with high standards of service and quality within the scope of executive ground handling, focusing on the requirements and expectations of clients, flight crews and passengers, on the sustainable growth of the business and on the well being employees and in social environmental responsibility.

We are committed in keeping a close relation with our Customers as we now that is the foundation for a superior customer service. 

MOTTIONHANDLING is fully oriented for this goal, offering services that complement each other, guaranteeing to answer to all the needs and requests that you may require.”



Our assurance in providing an efficient and personalized service is evident in everything that we do.  “Whether you’re being welcomed on the ramp, or enjoying our VIP lounges, you will find a cordial and professional service, assisting your every need.”


Passenger transportation to/from a/c / terminal;

Customs clearances;

Immigration clearances;

Catering request;

Immigration and customs facilities completed at aircraft;

Limousine bookings, taxis and car hire on request;

Executive terminal;

Arrangements for helicopter transfer services;

Domestic & International handling;

Fast turnaround, technical or fuel stops;

Passenger and crew assistance;

Air Ambulance assistance;

Lounge and meeting room (with telephone and internet services);

Security services;

Arrival and departure baggage services;

Aircraft Cleaning;

Aircraft Maintenance trough sister company;

MESA - Maintenance & Engineering.